Kitchen Cabinets Beckenham By ABC Kitchens

With many people opting for built in kitchens in their homes, it’s important to consider the actual usage of your kitchen, as functionality is as important as aesthetics when it comes to custom designed kitchens. Deciding on the cabinets for your kitchen can be a very important undertaking as it can make or break your build. Luckily ABC Kitchens have experienced designers at hand to help you through the design process, to make sure you come out with a kitchen that is everything you’ve ever wanted.

If you are in the process of deciding on kitchen cabinets for your dream kitchen, why not enquire about ABC Kitchens 3D design service? They can offer you an in-depth rendering of your kitchen, providing you with a great visual look at what your dream kitchen may look like, so you can see if everything is ideal for you. Call 0208 650 7977 or visit our webpage on kitchen design so you can get the best kitchen for your home

kitchen-cabinets-beckenhamBelow are some helpful pointers that you should familiarise yourself with when deciding on your kitchen cabinets. These will go through designs, materials and finishes that you are going to come across when deciding on these options.

One of the best things you can do is go to a supplier like ABC Kitchens and provide them with your intended kitchen design. They will help you create a 3D plan of your kitchen, and using software they can design a 3D example of your ideal design. This can help avoid any design issues like compatibility, sizing and the overall finish of the design. You may think you want a certain finish on your cabinets, whereas when you’re presented with a rendered design, you may change your mind. This helps avoid any regrets you may have during the design process, and makes sure you get the kitchen you want.


With most cabinet designs, you are going to be presented with material options. Cheaper cabinets are going to make use of lower quality woods like MDF and other composite woods, using veneer that covers the surface so you are still showing a presentable finish. You can opt for actual hardwoods like oak, cherry and maple etc. that will increase the cost, but can increase durability and overall presentation as the backs of these cabinet doors will be one piece, rather than having separate veneer layer coating the composite board underneath.


Your material choices are going to directly the overall strength and longevity of your cabinets. If you have a fully stocked house 7 days of the week, then constant use may not be the best mix with cheaper MDF cabinets as these can de-grade quickly with heavy use. Plywood/hardwood cabinets are going to be your best choice if you do plan on using your kitchen a lot, rather than just using it to store things.


With both composite materials and sheet woods, you can get different finishes such as staining, paint or the actual veneer itself. Veneer is good, as you aren’t going to be paying huge amounts for the look of a nicer wood, as the properties of the veneer itself is very thin. The actual cost of the material used in veneer is going to be a slight fraction of what it would cost to have actual mahogany cabinets etc. Paint can also be another option if you are going for a more modern look, as you can use cheaper cabinets whilst coating it with paint, giving you a nice uniform finish, which has been quite desirable in the past few years. These types of modern finish are called laminates, using plastics and vinyl coatings to give you a smooth finish, rather than coating hardwoods in paint which might be a strange option considering you are hiding well-finished wood with another surface.


Size is another important factor, which may not always be up to your choice. Kitchen space may decide this for you, as you can opt for larger cabinets and fit fewer in the general space, or have smaller cabinets and be able to fit more. You may have the perfect space for the design you want which is the ideal situation. In most cases, a designer like ABC Kitchens offers can help you with problems like this, offering different solutions that will help you reach your final kitchen design.

If you are looking for bespoke kitchens, then ABC Kitchens are your best bet. Call 0208 650 7977 or visit our page on: Kitchen Cabinets for more information about the products we can supply to you.